Swim Class Descriptions


INFANT & PRESCHOOL PROGRAMS: are designed for the child to become acquainted and comfortable in the aquatic environment. The courses are not geared towards teaching the child to swim but to be comfortable in and around water so that they will more easily learn to swim. 

(Infant Class has no limit but a parent must be in the pool with the child.) 

(Preschool Class Limit 8) Cost $40.00 Non-members $50.00 

LEVEL 1:  WATER EXPLORATION is geared to orient participants to the aquatic environment and teach them elementary skills that can be built on as they progress through the Learn to Swim Program 

(Limit 8) Cost: $40.00 Non-members $50.00 

LEVEL 2: PRIMARY SKILLS will build on the fundamentals of swimming with the basics of front crawl and backstroke. Upon completion of the course, students will have the basic skills to demonstrate floating, flutter kicking, as well as combining arm and kicking actions. 

(Limit 8) Cost: $40.00 Non-members $50.00 

LEVEL 3: STROKE READINESS will build upon the fundamentals learned in Level 2 by coordinating the front crawl and backstroke. Students will learn the backstroke and begin diving in the kneeling and compact positions as well as learn the basics of treading water. 

(Limit 10) Cost: $40.00 Non-members $50.00 

LEVEL 4: STROKE DEVELOPMENT will continue building upon Level 3 by increasing endurance. Students will learn the basics OF THE BREASTROKE, SIDESTROKE, AND A STANDING DIVE. They will also be introduced to alternative methods for treading water as they build endurance. 

(Limit 10) Cost $40.00 Non-members $50.00 

LEVEL 5: STROKE REFINEMENT will coordinate the breaststroke and sidestroke, and increase their skill proficiency and endurance level of elementary backstroke, front crawl, and backstroke. They will be introduced to diving from the diving board and the fundamentals of the butterfly. 

(Limit 8) Cost: $40.00 Non-members $50.00 

LEVEL 6: SKILL PROFICIENCY Upon completion of this course, students should have polished all the strokes and be able to perform them over increased distances. They will also be familiar with the turns associated with each stroke and be able to perform them with ease.   

(Limit 8) Cost: $40.00 Non-members $50.00